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WiFi Solutions For Outdoor Locations

Good WiFi at outdoor events offers opportunities to capture high volumes of customer data, support sponsorship and grow revenue.

Whether it’s for outdoor constructions or events, the demand for WiFi hotspots at both indoor & outdoor has increased significantly over the years. WiFi site surveys are an important part of planning and designing a new or existing outdoor WiFi network. There are many factors that can affect the network capabilities and a WiFi site survey ensures that your network provides maximum performance and coverage across your site.

An outdoor site survey enables us to plan and design a wireless network that provides the necessary connections, data rates, network capacity as well as quality. For large-scale projects in particular, advance outdoor site surveys are not a wasteful luxury! Such surveys provide you with accurate information in advance as to which connections can be made and at which locations.

Wireless site surveys are an important and even essential factor at the start of a project. After all, it is the only method that provides absolute certainty that it will be possible to make the necessary connections and that your customer’s network will provide the required performance.

Surveying for a new network, eTribeca is expert in troubleshooting areas of WiFi loss within any site environment. If you are having issues with existing coverage or signal, we can assist with a fault-finding survey to determine and resolve these problems.

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    eTribeca LLC is a company that specializes in emerging communications technologies. To the Fortune 500, we are their Wireless Design Integrator. For medium-sized businesses, we are engineering Wi-Fi installation and fulfillment.

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    Consultancy And Survey

    Our teams are aware that some of these projects will require years of assistance during the various stages. That is why with our continuous 25 plus years of designing wifi we are an excellent partner in your endeavours.

    Consistent Availability

    Consistent availability during the project and design phase.

    Design Professional WIFI

    A Professional engineer will review the plans and drawings of the space (or reconfiguration to increase distance between employees)

    Validation And Deployment

    New Wifi or Wi-Fi upgrades benefit significantly from eTribeca professionally trained engineers to perform both onsite WIFI validation and controller improvements.

    Analyze And Troubleshoot

    Analyze and troubleshoot for pre handoff post installation.

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