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Hospitality Wi-Fi is a way for you as a property owner or general manager to enhance the offerings at your hotel and for your guests. Connectivity is increasingly important in a word with so many Wi-Fi-enabled devices. From virtual assistants to Wi-Fi-connected TVs, if your rooms offer a multitude of devices with connectivity needs, Wi-Fi is essential. Having Wi-Fi at your hotel is a simple but effective way to give your guests the convenience of connectivity while adding value to your property.

How Is Wi-Fi For Hotels Different Than Home Wi-Fi?

One of the key differences between the Wi-Fi you use at home and the Wi-Fi you use at a hotel is its usability. Even if your household has multiple streaming devices connected to the internet at the same time, a home Wi-Fi network is meant to support the needs of fewer people than a network at a hotel.

At home, you might just have one modem and one router to provide coverage for your entire home. That local area network connects you to the internet, but you’re most likely getting your internet from a service provider (ISP). If you live in an apartment building or other multi-dwelling unit, you may share a network with your neighbors if your landlord provides Wi-Fi for you. In the case of multi-dwelling unit Wi-Fi, you still have your own local network for your devices separate from your neighbor’s.

A hotel or any multi-dwelling unit with Wi-Fi will need a network that can support the needs of hundreds or potentially thousands of people. This is especially true if your property hosts conventions or other public events. If you have a large resort that needs to support a multitude of staff and guests, you want a network that provides coverage throughout your entire property. Each building should have the same high-speed, secure coverage.

A wireless network relies on both software and equipment in order to work properly. With a large property, you may need to think where the access points will be for guests who’d like to connect to the internet. Here are a few terms you should know to understand the different parts of a wireless network.

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