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Wi-Fi For Hospitals & Patients

The year 2020 demonstrated a dramatic change for Healthcare organizations that continue to undergo dramatic change throughout all areas of their operations. Some were forced to greatly improve immediate reliable coverage and address the long-term issues of dynamically expanding their networks almost overnight. Today they have been allocated funds to improve this type of operational need on an as-needed base. They also have to work more closely together should the need arise and therefore; WIFI interoperability and sustainable adoption is now a must. eTribeca has been building WI-FI in hospitals for over 15 years both in full turnkey design and incremental improvements. The use of electronic health record (EHR) technology is proceeding against the backdrop of new financial models, regulatory mandates, personnel shortages and increased demand for services.

Today’s patients expect their experiences to be enabled by technology which includes remote consultations, connectivity, and location-aware mobile services. Today’s staff require a secure, digital environment that makes it possible to be more efficient and provide better care, with access to the systems they need from any location, at any time.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) that provides support for physician and employee-owned mobile devices is a primary requirement for Wi-Fi in today’s hospital. Physicians and other personnel expect to bring their own devices into the hospital and to have reliable connectivity to clinical systems. Initially, many CIOs limited BYOD access to a finite set of approved devices and operating systems (typically Apple products). Over time, however, it became clear that such limitations were neither practical nor desirable.

The healthcare industry does an excellent job of making use of technology to support new and advanced medical care. However, hospitals can also use Wi-Fi to improve health outcomes for patients as well as their overall experience while in the facility.

To survive in this changing world, it’s clear that healthcare must evolve. There are a number of benefits of having updated Wi-Fi technology in healthcare departments and hospitals. Let eTribeca be your first stop to all the aspects needed for a healthy Wi-Fi network.

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    Numbers Of Benefits

    There are a number of benefits of having updated Wi-Fi technology in the healthcare departments and hospitals.

    Enhanced Collaboration

    Enhanced collaboration between caregivers to increase responsiveness and employee satisfaction.

    Monitor And Streamline

    Monitor and streamline operations involving medical equipment and staff.

    Wireless Foundation

    Wireless foundation that enables regulatory compliance and patient privacy as well as provides access to crucial information anywhere.

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