Wifi Cable Installation

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WiFi Cable Installation & Design Service

eTribeca has collected the best in class partners to expand our footprint for cable installation of Wi-Fi and switches throughout the United States. Our services include (but are not limited to) structure cabling systems for voice, data, and security networks, etc.

With Wi-Fi and the new standard in 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, the need refreshed structured cabling of your cat 5e to cat 6 data cables and network fiber optic cable and structured cable needs can now be installed by our teams throughout the United States.

We have extensive experience in providing professional Wi-Fi and data network cabling services to all industries.

Cabling And Wireless Access Point Mounting

eTribeca can assist with customers’ cabling needs for their transformation. eTribeca can support CAT6 and fiber cable runs along with cable management for a clean and organized solution.

Rack And Stack

From a single device to an entire network, eTribeca can help rack and stack preconfigured devices for your customer. eTribeca can also provide onsite installation and configuration of devices with customer-provided information/network design.

Wireless Pre And Post Validation Survey

We can help you with pre and post-deployment services. Before deploying a new wireless network, we conduct a pre-deployment site survey to begin developing a wireless network design based on requirements. After deployment, we conduct post-deployment surveys or validation surveys. The purpose of a validation survey is to ensure the wireless network deployed meets customer or client requirements. A post-deployment survey can be conducted at any time and also is part of the iterative process of wireless deployment.

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    eTribeca LLC is a company that specializes in emerging communications technologies. To the Fortune 500, we are their Wireless Design Integrator. For medium-sized businesses, we are engineering Wi-Fi installation and fulfillment.

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    Why eTribeca?

    We have been designing and building Wi-Fi for over 20 years, our manufacturing partners know and trust us from Cisco and Meraki to Aruba, Aerohive and Ruckus, we have the expert knowledge and personal contacts with their various wireless business units.
    Contact us today and let’s talk about your location and the best way to get an on time, on budget and right-sized wireless network. We have post-production monitoring and remediation services as well and this is best time to develop your solution that will last for years to come.
    Fill out the form or call us 212 219 0207 after a few simple questions we can start building a budget for you on exactly what is needed.

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