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Extreme – Wi-Fi Site Survey

The only true method for optimum site performance is to test empirically for proper placement of Access Points and type of antenna to be employed. There is no way to determine the distance that a signal will travel without a survey. As an Aerohive Wi-Fi specialist Company, we have developed an innovative support model for both End users and IT professional companies. Aerohive is fast becoming recognized as one of the most versatile Wi-Fi manufacturers. Clients that are looking to upgrade and replace old infrastructure can come to best engineering resource here at eTribeca to supply troubleshooting, expansion and Site survey design. We provide a national footprint that can both identify your aging Wi-Fi equipment’s gaps and recommend and install a new upgraded solution.

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An increasing number of networks that in the past were stable and reliable now need an updated review. End users are increasing and often bring in their own devices as well as the tremendous increase in video and voice, intense social media bandwidth monopolize your Wi-Fi networks. We have the certified engineers and specialized tools to help you professionally identify and cure or upgrade this now critical piece of your network. eTribeca has the expertise to deal with all your Aerohive Wi-Fi needs. This includes:

  • Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Designs and onsite issues
  • Configure new equipment and expanding network needs
  • Network Design for existing and future WIFI
  • Guest onboarding adjusting your service requirements to meet the changing needs of Wi-Fi
  • Security functions, improving what you have and making sure it is secure on the Wi-Fi network

A Wireless (RF) Site Survey is the process of planning and designing a wireless network. an 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless network, to provide a solution that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity (number of users), roaming capability and Quality of Service (QoS). Metal film on glass, leaded glass, steel studded walls, cement floors and walls with steel reinforcement, foil-backed insulated walls, firewalls stairwells and elevator shafts are typical items that will reduce range. In a multi-floor building, it is necessary to do a three-dimensional profile.

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    eTribeca LLC is a company that specializes in emerging communications technologies. To the Fortune 500, we are their Wireless Design Integrator. For medium-sized businesses, we are engineering Wi-Fi installation and fulfillment.

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    Our engineers will conduct a detailed site survey of the building in preparation for deployment of the wireless equipment. It is also the most important step to ensure the desired operation of your Aerohive wireless network at peak performance. We have over 25 years of experience of building Wi-Fi. Trust the knowledge and skill of eTribeca. Call us at 888-219-0207 or eSales@etribeca.com.

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