eT Network Patrol with 7Signal Sapphire Eye

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Enhance Your Wireless Experience With ET Network Patrol With 7 Signal Sapphire Eye

eTribeca has partnered with 7Signal to offer eT Network Patrol with 7Signal, our flagship service focused on enhancing the overall wireless experience for enterprises. We are on a shared mission to provide exceptional RF and Client monitoring and the remediation for wireless networks in mission-critical Wi-Fi devices and applications.

eT Network Patrol harnesses eTribeca’s over 25 years of expertise in the field of Wireless Devices. Today, eTribeca is a Wireless Solutions provider to several prominent Companies including, some of the Fortune 500, large Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and High-Density Venues.

Unlike most network monitoring services eT Network Patrol with 7Signal provides a comprehensive wireless network review and assistance in either your on-premise or cloud controllers, which includes the monitoring of the client Access Points and end-user devices, together with field assistance to the wireless infrastructure.

eT Network Patrol with 7Signal Sapphire Eye Dashboard

Sapphire Eye Advantage

With 7Signal’s patented Sapphire Eye Wi-Fi sensor, enterprises can remotely monitor the network performance 24/7 through the cloud. This state-of-the-art sensor is installed on-site and can wirelessly monitor the adherence to the SLAs set.

The wireless performance data is then captured on an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that tracks and illustrates important metrics such as:

  • Service Levels Adherence Performance.
  •  Spectrum Analysis.
  • Historical overview of Access Point Performance.
  • Data Rate tracking across different devices.
  • Over congested Access Points in the Network.

The benefits of Sapphire Eye for enterprises are tremendous:

  • Enterprises can get the full visibility of the client-side experience.
  • They can monitor networks, devices, and widgets.
  • They can proactively identify the problems in the wireless networks.
  • Get a complete root-cause analysis survey.
  • Collects and stores performance data for a 30-day period.

Enterprises can now set their unique custom parameters with guidance from eT Network and regular review sessions with Level III engineers:

  • Gain enterprise-wide Wi-Fi control and visibility
  • Perform remote troubleshooting easily across the globe.
  • Configure the Root Cause Analysis.
  • Continuously test the Wi-Fi performance 24/7 throughout the year.

eT Network Patrol with 7Signal Sapphire Eye Key Features

The Competitive Advantage

eT Network with 7Signal provides enterprises with a never-before-seen granular control of Wireless Access Point performance. After implementing various tests on the Access Points and its environment, we provide a detailed report and Cadence calls on the AP health. Enterprises can now compare the before and after performance metrics of an Access Point, a feature unique to us.

Typically, manufactures use the “inside-out” approach to analyze the network, which fails to account for the client metrics. Our unique “outside-in” accounts for the end user experience in their digital environment.

This approach has helped us identify and remediate common issues that often go undetected by our competitors such as:

Users Can’t Connect To The Network

An AP might show “Green” but the internal radios are faulty thus preventing the end user from connecting to the network.

Users Struggle To Conduct Video Conferencing

This involves scenarios where client suffers from low internet speed despite being connected to the AP. We were able to identify this is mainly due to client moving away from the Access Point while still being connected to the network.

Repeated Network Drops For End User

We were able to identify that even though everything seemed to operate normally, the end user suffered frequent network drops due to frequent Channel Swaps that briefly kicked the end-user off the network.

Sapphire Eye Wireless Monitoring sensor roof mounted next to a a Wireless Access Point

Gain Access To An Advanced Wi-Fi Team

Possibly the biggest value proposition of eT Network Patrol is the support and recommendation provided by our Level III Network Wi-Fi Engineers. Our Engineers review the data collected by Sapphire Eye to suggest customized solutions that enhance the wireless performance of the enterprise.

Furthermore, we provide regular reports that highlight the most significant network-related issues at an enterprise. Our engineers work hand in hand with the enterprise IT team to help decipher the dashboard data.

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