eT Network Patrol With 7Signal Mobile Eye

Over 800 KPIs Constantly Monitored.

What Is eT Network Patrol With 7Signal Mobile Eye?

Mobile Eye is a class-leading Wireless Monitoring Service that offers complete visibility of the Wireless Digital Experience of the end user. Mobile Eye proactively measures the Wi-Fi network and alerts you of critical issues even before they occur. Mobile Eye is device agnostic as it is a Multi-Platform SaaS that can be deployed across different OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android).

You can leverage mobile on its own or add it to the ET Network Patrol services offering and Sapphire eye for a 360-degree view of your end users critical Wi-Fi usage. By using both together we are able to proactively identity unique users who are suffering from issues, such as roaming, and allow you to reach out to them to resolve their specific issues.

The Client Wi-Fi Challenge

Users do not have installed on their systems Wi-Fi analysis and reporting software. eTribeca has a set of tools that allow the enterprise to enhance the Client experience by both monitoring the quality of Wi-Fi over time and provide easy to understand trouble shooting tools. Introducing Mobile eye from 7Signal. Leverage all this with our Level III Wi-Fi engineers.

Customised reports to show wireless access points (APs) performance

The Mobile Eye Dashboard

The Mobile Eye Dashboard is central to its operation and functionality. Wireless Diagnostic data is proactively captured on a user-friendly cloud dashboard that makes troubleshooting very easy. The Dashboard displays a Wi-Fi Experience Timeline for all your locations.

Mobile Eye Dashboard displaying the Wi-FI Performance and experience for end user devices at different geographic locations

How Does It Work?

user devices. Enterprises can now set service level targets to easily identify poor Wi-Fi performing devices. A drill down option allows enterprises to identify the reason for the poor Wi-Fi performance, when the issue occurred and how it can be remediated. The service level targets are an excellent way to ensue enterprises meet the requirement set by the IT and the business.

Mobile Eye Dashboard Report displaying the Wi-Fi Performance for client devices

7MCS Explained – Enhance Your Wireless Network Insight

Mobile Eye uses its patented 7MCS (Modulation & Coding Scheme) to measure the Wi-Fi link quality. This measures the overall link quality between the Wireless Devices and the Access Points. The link quality is scored between 0 – 11. A score below 5 is a low score for link quality. The user-friendly dashboard easily helps identify poor-performing Wi-Fi links with a color change.

Mobile Eye Dashboard with a timeline of Wi-Fi Performance

Wi-Fi And Its Impact

In today’s connected world, Wi-Fi is one of the leading assets for maximizing productivity. Manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics and all other leading industries in the world have one thing in common: They rely on fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi to meet their goals.

Mobile Eye Dashboard with readouts for End-to-End Wireless Performance including Access Point health, Network Interference, Throughput and Channel Utilization.

But an increased dependency on Wi-Fi brings along its own suite of issues. The most common issues that plague enterprise-level Wi-Fi are:

  • Adapter related issues
  • Driver Issues
  • Co-Channel Interference Issues
  • Adjacent Channel Interference Issues
  • Roaming Issues
  • End Point Issues

Mobile Eye Dashboard Report for Adjacent Channel Interference amongst Access Points

Mobile Eye Dashboard for a quick view of Wireless Network Adapter and Driver related issues, presented in a historic data format


Mobile Eye has helped countless enterprises to identify and remediate their Wireless Issues and save both valuable time and effort.

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