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Ruckus Wi-Fi Networks

Ruckus Networks stands as a leading provider of diverse Access Points (APs), and Ethernet Switches catering to various budget constraints, performance needs, and deployment scenarios. With a commitment to secure and dependable access, even in challenging environments, Ruckus ensures a comprehensive solution for enterprise users.

RUCKUS Networks is at the forefront of embracing the Wi-Fi 7 revolution, leveraging the new IEEE 802.11be standard to redefine networking for enterprise, healthcare, education, large public venues, and other environments. Wi-Fi 7 introduces extreme speeds, low latency, and increased capacity, promising a more efficient, secure, and responsive network. This evolution ushers in a new era of connectivity, supporting advanced devices and demanding applications.

eTribeca – The Wireless Expert

With more than 25 years of wireless network expertise, eTribeca perfectly aligns with RUCKUS’ Ethernet switches and wireless access points, presenting a tailored value proposition. With a mastery in integration, eTribeca seamlessly weaves RUCKUS solutions into diverse network infrastructures. Their expertise in unified wired and wireless solutions ensures that RUCKUS’ ICX switches and access points deliver a cohesive, high-performance network environment, uniquely customized to organizational needs. Collaborating on rugged solutions, eTribeca provides specialized support for clients requiring robust switches in challenging environments. Leveraging RUCKUS’ advanced wireless technology, eTribeca adeptly addresses deployment challenges, delivering superior connections and user experiences. Additionally, their keen focus on seamless upgrades and troubleshooting minimizes disruptions, ensuring sustained optimal performance over time. In essence, eTribeca stands as a trusted partner, leveraging decades of experience to maximize the efficiency, performance, and adaptability of RUCKUS networking solutions for organizations seeking excellence in their network deployments.

We specialize in multiple industries spanning education, retail, high-density user spaces, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, healthcare, and warehouses.


RUCKUS R770: Wi-Fi 7 Pioneer for Unmatched Connectivity

The RUCKUS R770 Indoor Access Point – a technological marvel at the forefront of the Wi-Fi 7 revolution. As the first enterprise-class Access Point to embrace Wi-Fi 7, the R770 redefines the landscape of wireless connectivity, delivering ultra-fast, low-latency wireless connections with enhanced capacity and efficiency. Boasting an array of advanced features, including RUCKUS BeamFlex+ technology and AI optimization, the R770 promises exceptional user experiences and empowers a new era of advanced connected devices and demanding applications. From superior throughput and adaptive resilience to reduced latency and simplified advanced security, the RUCKUS R770 sets a new standard for performance and reliability. Join us as we explore the innovative capabilities of the R770, shaping the future of wireless networking and ushering in unparalleled connectivity experiences.

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RUCKUS ICX 7150 Switches: Unveiling the Future of Networking

The ICX 7150 series is not merely a network switch; it’s a strategic investment in streamlined network setup, enhanced security, minimized troubleshooting, and easy upgrades. Its low-latency, non-blocking architecture guarantees excellent throughput, making it ideal for the most demanding applications across various industries. In essence, the RUCKUS ICX 7150 switches are poised to elevate networking experiences, offering a perfect blend of cutting-edge features and affordability.

With options ranging from 8 port to 48 port, the RUCKUS ICX 7150 switches represent a paradigm shift in networking, seamlessly blending high-performance capabilities with cost-effectiveness. These switches, available in various formats including standard, Z-Series, and compact, offer a versatile solution for diverse networking needs.

RUCKUS ICX 7150 switches stand out as pioneers, with a keen focus on the 24 and 48 port options redefining connectivity standards. This blog invites you to These switches represent a fusion of enterprise-class capabilities and high-performance design, all delivered at an entry-level price point.

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RUCKUS ICX 7150 Switches: Unveiling the Future of Networking

Benefiting from over 25 years of wireless network expertise, eTribeca serves as a steadfast partner in providing post-installation support for RUCKUS networking solutions. Specializing in seamless integration, eTribeca ensures a smooth transition post-deployment, tailoring support to meet diverse organizational needs. Their adeptness in unified wired and wireless solutions ensures that RUCKUS’ ICX switches and access points consistently deliver a cohesive, high-performance network environment, uniquely adapted to evolving requirements. For environments demanding robust solutions, eTribeca collaborates on rugged deployments, ensuring sustained optimal performance. Leveraging RUCKUS’ advanced wireless technology, eTribeca expertly addresses ongoing deployment challenges, fostering superior connections and user experiences. With a keen focus on seamless upgrades and efficient troubleshooting, eTribeca minimizes disruptions, providing continuous support to uphold and enhance the performance of RUCKUS networking solutions. In essence, eTribeca stands as a trusted partner, aligning with Ruckus Networks’ commitment to excellence in network deployments.

Looking ahead, Ruckus is set to introduce enterprise-class devices in 2024, transforming its portfolio with a three-radio architecture supporting 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands. Wi-Fi 7 brings dramatic throughput improvements, exceeding 40 Gbps—four times that of Wi-Fi 6—due to wider channels and enhanced 6 GHz capacity. Ruckus addresses interference challenges with preamble puncturing and introduces Multi-Link Operation for wireless link aggregation. Prioritizing low-latency applications like AR and VR through time-sensitive networking (TSN), Ruckus Networks leads the charge in delivering advanced capabilities for the next generation of wireless technology.

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    We specialize in planning, designing, and implementing Ruckus networking solutions, encompassing switches, access points, SD-WAN, and security. Our focus is on delivering next-generation networking solutions that meet your digital requirements, enhance efficiency and foster collaboration.
    We have a track record of successfully deploying Ruckus solutions for businesses, organizations, and educational institutions of various sizes and types, all seeking the benefits of high-efficiency, secure networking solutions. Our commitment to exceptional client service is underpinned by our expert technical product knowledge and a team of certified, qualified engineers.
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