Ruckus At FETC


The Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2024 held in Orlando made a significant impact on the education technology landscape, with the RUCKUS team standing out as innovators.

Wi-Fi 7 Revolution: Transforming Connectivity At FETC

RUCKUS unveiled Wi-Fi 7, not just promising enhanced network performance but a complete transformation of the traditional core network. The discussion led by Consulting Systems Engineer Terry Henry, engaging over 100 attendees, laid the foundation for understanding Wi-Fi 7’s potential impact on the future of connectivity in primary education.

Booth Activities: Demonstrations and Engagement

The RUCKUS booth became a focal point of innovation, surpassing the typical conference experience. Live demonstrations of primary education solutions provided hands-on insights into RUCKUS’s technological capabilities. The addition of RUCKUS puppies added a light-hearted touch, capturing attention and creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Wi-Fi Innovations and AI Integration at FETC

The integration of Wi-Fi innovations and artificial intelligence (AI) took center stage, with the RUCKUS team showcasing the R770 access point, an enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 access point driven by RUCKUS AI™. The implications for primary education include increased speed, reduced latency, and improved throughput, promising advancements in network performance, security, and safety.

Empowering IT Teams for Efficient Network Management

RUCKUS One™ emerged as a significant cloud-based platform, using AI to simplify network management. Demonstrations of RUCKUS AI and SmartZone™ Controllers highlighted their importance for lean IT teams in primary education. The focus on visibility, control, and automation demonstrated a commitment to streamlining network operations, freeing up time for crucial educational initiatives.

Simplifying Onboarding with Cloudpath® Enrollment System

The discussion shifted to the benefits for students and educators, emphasizing Cloudpath® Enrolment System. In the era of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies, this cloud service simplifies onboarding processes. The seamless integration allows teachers to focus on teaching, and students to spend more time learning, without the complexities of network connections.

Expressing Gratitude and Forward Outlook

In a spirit of gratitude, the RUCKUS team extends thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of FETC 2024. The engagement and enthusiasm witnessed in Orlando underscore the significance of these advancements in education technology. For those who missed the chance to connect, the invitation remains open to explore RUCKUS’s K-12 solutions and participate in ongoing discussions about the future of education technology.

Navigating the Future with RUCKUS

The takeaways from RUCKUS’s participation at FETC 2024 extend beyond technological showcases. They reflect a commitment to transforming education through connectivity, innovation, and a dedication to empowering both educators and students. Looking ahead, the innovations unveiled at FETC 2024 signal a promising trajectory for education technology, with RUCKUS leading the way. Stay tuned for more

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