Savers Thrift Stores Elevate Wi-Fi Experience with Extreme


Savers, the largest thrift store chain in North America, embarked on a significant journey of expansion and modernization in the last decade. With a headquarters in Washington and 10 regional distribution centers and warehouses, Savers aimed to enhance its operations and customer interactions across corporate and retail locations in the US, Canada, and Australia with help from Extreme Networks.

Challenges Faced By Savers Thrift Stores

Network Modernization: Savers sought to modernize wireless network operations spanning corporate and retail stores.

Enhanced Customer Interaction: The need for a retail solution to facilitate greater mobile customer interaction.

Future-Proof Infrastructure: The goal is to future-proof the Wi-Fi network to adapt to evolving technology and customer requirements.

Cloud Wi-Fi Solution: Identifying a cloud Wi-Fi solution with ease of installation and intuitive network management.

Extreme Network’s Solution For Savers Thrift Store

Savers selected Extreme Solutions, leveraging key components:

    • ExtremeCloud™ IQ on AWS
    • ExtremeWireless™
    • ExtremeSwitching™

The Benefits Observed

Improved Operational Efficiency

Savers introduced mobility to inventory management through proprietary software operating over the wireless network, significantly enhancing productivity and efficiency. Streamlined corporate operations, including the establishment of a guest network for visitors at the headquarters.

Analytics and Insights

The upgraded wireless infrastructure set the stage for Savers to adopt Bluetooth technology, providing valuable data and insights into in-store operations, store layout, and design.

Simplified Management For Savers Thrift Store

ExtremeCloud IQ on AWS empowered Savers’ IT team with flexibility, enabling remote network management and utilizing RF planning tools for efficient deployment at new sites. Better network management enhanced security measures at corporate offices.


Charles Blair, IT Infrastructure Manager at Savers, expressed confidence in Extreme’s retail features and integrated Bluetooth access points, foreseeing a positive impact on business growth. He emphasized the importance of understanding customer Wi-Fi needs to provide an exceptional shopping experience at Savers.

Savers successfully transformed its wireless retail operations with Extreme Solutions, experiencing improved efficiency, valuable analytics, and simplified network management. The integration of cutting-edge technologies has positioned Savers to stay ahead of customer expectations and propel the business to new heights.

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