7Signal Solves American University’s Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue


American University’s Wi-Fi Connectivity Conundrum

American University is a renowned student-centered research institution located in Washington D.C. The university has a mix of old/new buildings and indoor/outdoor spaces. Set in the backdrop of a culturally rich urban community, the University promises state-of-the-art Wi-Fi services to its students. 

As a part of an ongoing improvement program, the university transitioned to a new access point AP provider. No technical issues were reported during the beta testing conducted by the university’s Technology Operations Group. However, after a year, users began experiencing dropped connections and Wi-Fi Connectivity issues. The university’s Technology Operations Group worked with the vendor but was unable to determine the root cause of the issues.

Strong Wi-Fi Connectivity helps students perform better at universities

7Signal’s Proactive Monitoring Implementation Resolves Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

At American University, with over 20,000 users accessing the wireless network weekly, connectivity disruptions can significantly impact busy areas and famous locations. Before the pandemic, the university frequently received complaints about dropped connections during classes, making it challenging to diagnose and fix the issues promptly. However, with the implementation of Sapphire Eye sensors, the university was able to identify and correct underlying problems which mainly involved a drop in the network for the 5GHz channel. The 7SIGNAL tools helped the university collect data, pinpoint the issues, and work with their access point vendor to fix them. 

The reports provided insight into errors spanning from hardware to software. The Network’s Engineering team got a deep understanding into:

  • Errors due to vendor’s code
  • Errors due to constant channel changes
  • Dead Hardware 
  • Load Handling Strain

Team members can now shift their focus toward more proactive projects such as improving the overall wireless network architecture and monitoring key trends.

7Signal’s Top-Notch Wireless Training Program

American University was pleased with the level of support and training they received from 7SIGNAL, a provider of wireless network monitoring solutions. They appreciate the regular check-ins and assistance in understanding and utilizing the data collected. The university plans to expand its usage of 7SIGNAL’s Sapphire Eye sensors to maintain a stable wireless network, particularly with the shift to remote learning and an increase in video conferencing usage. They aim to add 300 more sensors to ensure full coverage of the campus, providing peace of mind that any potential issues can be identified and resolved swiftly for students and staff.

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