7Signal Optimizes Wi-Fi Experience On Clinical Workstations

eT Network Patrol with 7Signal Sapphire Eye helped Clinical Workstations improve Wi-Fi experience.

In this case study we, discover how Sapphire Eye helped the Methodist Health System scale up its operations and solve critical Wi-Fi experience issues. From roaming to driver issues and interference, our solution proved instrumental in improving their wireless network performance and providing a seamless experience for their end-users

Revolutionalising Hospital Wi-Fi Experience with eT Network Patrol Sapphire Eye

eTribeca’s cutting-edge eT Network Patrol with Sapphire Eye combines client monitoring services, Wi-Fi sensor technology, and Level III Network Engineers to provide real-time insights into your wireless network performance. Our comprehensive solution solves critical Wi-Fi issues such as roaming, driver issues, and interference to ensure a seamless wi-fi experience for end-users.

With Sapphire Eye installed on-site, you can remotely monitor your network performance 24/7 through the cloud. Our Level III Engineers work closely with your IT team to tailor customized solutions that meet your specific wireless network needs. Upgrade your wireless network and provide a seamless experience for your end-users today. Visit our website and learn how our Sapphire Eye solution can enhance your enterprise’s wireless experience!

A great wi-i experience due to the integration of eT Network Patrol with Sapphire Eye

Wi-Fi Problem at Methodist Hospital

Methodist Health System is a healthcare organization that operates several hospitals and a college with a student population of 1,200. The organization uses a large number of laptops and workstation-on-wheels (WoWs), as well as Cisco wireless phones and Vocera hands-free voice communication badges for its medical staff. In addition, there are various remote scanners and printers in use. Wi-Fi connectivity is critical for the organization as doctors and nurses rely on being connected at all times, often with multiple devices, and many connected devices are in use. Reliable Wi-Fi is essential for the organization to function effectively.

The Methodist Health System experienced difficulties with its wireless internet connectivity, including difficulty obtaining sufficient details from users when problems and issues were taking too long or not getting resolved. They had implemented a highly available network core and various mechanisms for wireless LAN controller failover to ensure that access points remained operational, even in the event of network degradation or routine maintenance. However, they still needed improved visibility and control over the quality of their Wi-Fi. In 2018, the organization acquired a new hospital and inherited a Wi-Fi solution from Aruba, which added to the support workload and made troubleshooting more challenging. As a result, the organization is considering transitioning from reactive support to proactive Wi-Fi assurance to address these issues.

7Signal Incorporation Boosted Wi-Fi Experience

eT Network Patrol with 7Signal helped Methodist Health System to quickly identify and troubleshoot problems with their Wi-Fi network, including roaming and slow driver issues, coverage gaps, and network issues. It was also used to evaluate the performance of new barcode scanners in a medical supply warehouse.

Tim Bertino, Senior Systems Architect especially liked how 7Signal identifies the probable cause and delineate them categorically into 3 segments:

  • Network Issues
  • Interference Issues
  • Device and Driver Issues

The categorization helped reduce the TAT for Network Support teams in identifying and remediating the Wi-Fi issues. All they needed to do was ask a few questions and the issue could be tracked.

Bertino also mentioned that 7SIGNAL was a “game changer” for the support team, allowing them to quickly address issues and resolve them efficiently. Finally, it was mentioned that network operations at Methodist Health System are dedicated to providing a flawless Wi-Fi experience for patients to ensure their satisfaction and comfort

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