Wi-Fi Site Survey Types – Active Vs Passive Vs Predictive

Level III Network Engineer conducting a Wireless Site Survey

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring seamless Wi-Fi connectivity is paramount. Wi-Fi Site Surveys stand as the cornerstone, offering insights into your network’s performance and aiding in optimization. There exists three primary types of surveys: Active, Predictive, and Passive. Let’s unravel each approach and understand their unique benefits and discover which one is right for your industry.

Active Wi-Fi Site Survey: Ensuring Real-World Performance

Active Wi-Fi Site Surveys are meticulous assessments conducted in real-time. Engineers utilize specialized equipment similar to the actual Access Points planned for deployment. This approach is ideal for new networks or complete network replacements. By measuring actual performance parameters like signal strength and throughput, these surveys provide a precise evaluation of your Wireless LAN. This accuracy is crucial, especially for enterprises aiming to meet specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for their WLANs.

In an Active Wi-Fi Survey, eTribeca engineers connect surveying devices to the Wi-Fi network, measuring signal performance through Access Points. Using industry-leading tools like Ekahau, we set up mini Wireless Networks within your facility. This approach allows us to capture real-world data, ensuring the validation, tuning, and troubleshooting of your existing Wi-Fi network.

Predictive Wi-Fi Site Survey: A Blueprint for Optimal Coverage

Predictive Wi-Fi Site Surveys revolutionize the planning phase. These surveys rely on sophisticated software to create a digital model of your facility. By considering factors such as building structure, floor plans, and construction materials, the optimal placement of Access Points is determined. This predictive approach significantly reduces costs by utilizing blueprints to plan AP placement, ensuring comprehensive coverage. eTribeca leverages Predictive Wi-Fi Surveys to create detailed RF coverage maps, aligning AP setups with your unique requirements.

Passive Wi-Fi Site Survey: Non-Intrusive Optimization

Passive Wi-Fi Site Surveys offer a non-intrusive perspective into your network’s behaviour. Unlike active surveys that inject test traffic, passive surveys observe the network in its natural state. Our engineers meticulously analyse data packets transmitted between devices, ensuring a holistic view of your network’s intricacies. By examining signal strength, noise levels, and potential interference sources, we provide nuanced insights critical for optimal performance. This approach is particularly useful for troubleshooting and refining existing Wireless Networks across diverse enterprises.

The eTribeca Advantage

In essence, choosing the right Wi-Fi Site Survey method depends on your specific needs. Active surveys deliver real-world accuracy, predictive surveys optimize based on blueprints, and passive surveys offer non-intrusive optimization. At eTribeca, our expertise spans over 25 years, making us the trusted partner for Fortune 500 enterprises across sectors like Healthcare, Pharma, Hospitality, Retail, and High-Density Venues. We’re committed to ensuring your network not only meets but exceeds operational needs. Reach out to us, and let’s optimize your Wireless Network for a connected future.

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