When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Network?

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Wi-Fi?

Whenever you think “I want to upgrade my wi-fi network,” you should always ask yourself, “Why?

Updating your Wi-Fi network to meet today’s business needs is complicated and you may be under the false impression that it’s just a matter of swapping out old AP’s.

There’s a great deal more to it.

So, the real question, “when is it time to upgrade your wi-fi network?”

Before you decide on upgrading, here are some key questions you must first ask yourself:

Why am I upgrading?

Do I use the current manufacture and if not why change?

What does my Wi-Fi network look like today and how do I want to change it?

What kind of devices am I supporting, when will that need to change?

Is my LAN network ready for a Wi-Fi upgrade?

So, today we are talking about the key indicators to upgrade your Wi-Fi?


Reduced Performance Or Slow Connection Issues

The most common sign is a slower network connection, slow wifi, drops in the wifi, etc. If any of these sounds familiar to you, then you should consider a wifi site survey. The fact is that having an efficient wifi network to work in a business can be a real challenge. It may be “fixable” without a hardware change or at least for now.


The Overall Age Of The Wi-Fi Install

When did you last update your wifi? A good rule of thumb is if it is 4-5 years since you put in Wi-Fi, its time. . . In this era of advancement of technology, it’s very important to be equipped with newer technologies. In a later blog, we will discuss if your equipment should be Wi-Fi 6 or not.


Physical Changes In Your Use:

As an example: when you last updated your wifi, there were 100 employees and now the employee’s total is 200 “(“that could be 3 devices per person which means 1200 Wi-Fi endpoints”)”. Your wifi system was built for 150 devices maximum. If this is your scenario, then its time to contact the pros to help understand your best direction.
Do you have older devices being used in your wi-fi space. This will slow your overall connection speed because they take longer to connect and use up the RF highway while other faster devices wait to connect.


New Devices Coming On Your System

A lot of new devices started coming on your system which supports 802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6. It is the newest technology by which internet speed gets faster and better. If this is happening, you should contact us about it and how to deal with the changes you are going to see.

With the advent of technology, everyday upgraded and new devices are becoming part of the information technology lifecycle. Time can be everything and a professional focused Wi-Fi partner will be invaluable in optimizing your decision process. This is an ongoing process and not just a moment in time as a one-off upgrade event.

One of the most important aspects of any WLAN upgrade is to perform a proper WiFi site-survey. You can opt for differing site survey methods but focus very closely on your desired results as they are a great resource for identifying where problems on the existing wifi deployment reside as well as the future needs of your users.

Survey information can then be used in planning your upgrade, even if you are just ready yet.


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