The ET Network Patrol – Supercharge Cisco DNAC And 7Signal

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The eT Network Patrol Advantage

Network Control and Management Platforms have gained massive popularity at the enterprise level as they help in the seamless monitoring and troubleshooting of network devices regardless of geographic location. Many Network Management Systems also assist in collating performance data and metrics that inform the Network Engineers of the inevitable changes that are required.

This blog discusses the enhancements of ET Network Patrol as compared to DNA Center by Cisco and 7Signal.

Benefits of eT Network Patrol in enabling 7Signal and Cisco DNAC implementation

Cisco DNA Center

Cisco DNA Center is a comprehensive network control and management platform that helps you optimize your Cisco network investments. DNA Center classifies a broad list of network issues with detailed description and can be leveraged by advanced engineers. Though DNA Center is comprehensive in the summary description of the issue, an individual would require a deep understanding of network engineering to implement the suggested actions by DNA Center. Functionality such as Live Capture contains even more detailed information. Tools such as Client 360 and Device 360 can be accessed via a browser . These tools help in performance analysis of device and client over a period of time which can further assist in troubleshooting.

The platform offers detailed information on access points such as the number of clients connected, and heat maps and provides a detailed measurement of the KPIs. Though DNA Center has a rich feature set it has a few drawbacks. The platform is aligned towards a reactive approach where the system identifies issues after they occur rather than implementing steps to prevent them. It is also a walled garden. Most of the features offered are focused primarily on Cisco devices with very little to multivendor support. Also, its primary usage is monitoring the network from the infrastructure perspective rather than the end-user experience. That is where ET Network Patrol with 7signal comes to its element.


Unlike DNA Center which focuses on both wired and wireless networks, 7Signal is solely focused on improving the Wireless Experience for enterprises thereby enhancing the functionality of DNA Center.

  • The key differentiator between 7Signal and DNAC is the overall ease of use and implementation. 7Signal builds on the functionality and the feature set of DNA Center but makes it a less daunting affair for the non-technically inclined.

7Signal has a direct and intuitive method of data presentation. The data presentation is so user-friendly that it does not require a high technical understanding of network engineering, unlike DNA Center. The data can be deciphered by all levels of network engineers including helpdesk agents.

7Signal makes it easier to track Wi-Fi-related issues as compared to DNA Center by classifying them under the Major Problem section.

  • The theme of ease of use continues further as 7Signal captures detailed Wi-Fi data by default for 90 days thereby building on the Live Capture functionality of DNA Center.
  • In-depth data and information regarding Wireless Networks can easily be accessed via an intuitive dashboard. This dashboard data is similar to the Client 360 and Device 360 tools by DNA Center. 7Signal has the added advantage of a dashboard view which is unavailable in DNA Center.

The biggest advantage of 7Signal over DNA Center is that it is vendor agnostic. Unlike DNA Center which focuses a majority of its offerings on Cisco devices, 7Signal provides detailed information about the health of the Wireless Network, irrespective of the OS and the vendor. 7Signal also addresses the other major drawback of DNA Center i.e., it is a proactive monitoring system as compared to a reactive monitoring system in the case of DNA Center. Hence, Network Issues can be identified and addressed before it manifests into major issue.

ET Network Patrol

This brings us to the most comprehensive Network Control and Management Platform, ET Network Patrol.

ET Network Patrol builds on the offerings of both DNA Center and 7Signal and enhances them. The biggest advantage is the support and recommendations provided by a high-level network engineer.

ET Network Patrol works in tandem with 7Signal will therefore enhancing its value proposition.

ET Network Patrol service is exclusively focused on enhancing the Wireless Experience for enterprises. But distinct from the 7Signal solution, ET Network Patrol has the enhanced advantage of Level III support provided by advanced engineers who specialize in wireless technology.

These Level III network engineers analyze the data and recommend customized solutions to the client to improve the overall wireless experience, thereby enhancing the offerings of both 7Signal and DNA Center.

ET Network Patrol Improves the troubleshooting capabilities of both DNA Center and 7Signal by providing regular reports with the most significant network-related events highlighted.

ET Network Patrol extends and develops the services offered by 7Signal by conducting WLC analysis when warranted.

The Level III Engineers also assist in deciphering the data captured on the various dashboards with regular recommendations. ET Network Patrol takes the knowledge that can be extracted from these network platforms and adds the engineering human factor on top of that. Because of this marriage, complex analysis can be presented in a user-friendly form and engagement can be interactive with the clients networking team. In Short with ET Network Patrol we do not just talk about items that need to be fixed we help fix them proactively before the clients even are aware of issues.

To see the full benefits an ET Network Patrol Engineer will be happy to answer questions and explain network metrics.

ET Network Patrol supplements this by regularly analysing the wireless network’s health from the infrastructure and end-user perspective.

ET Network Patrol helps in selecting KPIs based on the client’s business and helps in adjusting the KPIs over time. A customized KPI based on the business and the client application is an offering unavailable with either DNA Center or 7Signal.

ET Network Patrol is not a competitor to Network Management solutions. It complements them and enhances the ability of 7Signal to provide the most powerful Wireless Monitoring System in the market for enterprises.

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