Ruckus Unleashed –A NEW PRODUCT


Introducing Ruckus Unleashed

has been developed with the small business in mind.

So often we are contacted by people who just need 4 or 5 Access Points. Now there is no need to have a $1500 plus controller on top of this cost. Today we have options without controllers from the Top 3 Manufacturers Ruckus, Cisco (1800 AP) and Aruba. Each manufacturer AP’s can be adapted at a later date to be included into larger networks with an upgrade and free of a manufacture migration cost.

Now under 10,000 square feet locations can be economically fully covered by WI-FI.

Does this take the place of a professional install?

In some cases, AP’s can be preconfigured but often a professional install is still best for overall placement and design. More than 1/3 of our customer enquiries are from poorly deployed WI-FI.

The user experience is King. WI-FI is a very forgiving and flexible medium, and most times WI-FI just works.

When there is poor performance people blame the WI-FI more often than any other network element, overlooking that it may be the device, or Internet connection or even the switches. That said, often it is a combination of network elements and end user expectations or end-use equipment.

Access Point Controllers are going too deployed in a big way over the next year. We are expecting a lot of calls.


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