Mounting and Installation of Sapphire Eye 6200

7Signal 6200 Sapphire Eye captured along with Access Points

Mounting Sapphire Eye for eT Network Patrol – Step-By-Step

The following instructions provide a guide for the mounting and the installation of Sapphire Eye to ensure optimum performance for eT Network Patrol deployment. Each Sapphire Eye unit comes with ceiling grid clips to facilitate this process. These clips are specifically designed for suspended ceilings and are included in the package.

Sapphire Eye 6200 – Mounting and Installation Guide

Step 1

The mounting bracket for the Sapphire Eye 6200 is included with the unit and is attached to its feet, along with two ceiling T-bar rail clips.

One foot of the unit holds the bracket in place with a shoulder screw that slides into a teardrop hole on the bracket, as indicated by the top arrow.

The side arrow points to a metal retention detent tab located on the bracket. This tab clicks over the retention bar in the plastic bottom, securing the bracket firmly in place.

Bottom View of a 6200 Sapphire Eye Wireless Monitoring Sensor with mounting points on the bracket

Step 2

To mount the unit onto a wall or ceiling, begin by removing the bracket from the unit. Slide the bracket upwards until the foot pads can be removed through the bracket holes.

There are various options for ceiling mounting, such as screwing the bracket to the ceiling or a beam. Alternatively, the bracket hole pattern can be aligned with holes in a ceiling workbox, similar to a light fixture workbox. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to mount the bracket to a drop ceiling T-Bar rail using the included twist clips and nuts.

Start by installing the two twist clips onto the ceiling T-Bar and tightening the flat head screw onto the T-Bar as shown. This will secure the twist clips in place and provide a stable mounting surface for the bracket

Screws and Brackets for mounting the 6200 Sapphire Eye Wireless Network Monitoring Sensor to a wall or a ceiling

Step 3

To install the bracket, use the provided 1/4″ hex nuts to secure it onto the two twist clip 1/4″ studs, as shown. Before mounting the unit on the bracket, plug in the necessary cables, including the Ethernet cable.

Next, align the four shoulder screw feet with the four large openings in the bracket and push them straight up through the holes. This will attach the unit securely to the bracket.

Bracket installation with 1/4 inch hex nuts to the wall for 6200 Sapphire Eye Wireless Monitoring Sensor

Step 4

With one hand holding the bracket, use the other hand to slide the Sapphire Eye 6000 forward until the foot screws fit into the narrower slots of the teardrop holes in the bracket, securing the feet in place.

Check that the retention detent tab on the bracket clicks over the plastic retention bar in the housing, as shown in the close-up side view below, to ensure the unit is properly secured.

Mounting 6200 Sapphire Eye Wireless Monitoring Sensor to the bracket

Step 5

A fully mounted installed 6200 Sapphire Eye Wireless Network Monitoring Sensor the the bracket on the ceiling/wall.

After you hear the unit snap into place, make sure to visually confirm that it is securely locked in position with the plastic retention bar slid past the metal retention tab detent. This step is crucial to ensure that the unit remains firmly in place. You have now completed the Mounting and Installation of Sapphire Eye 6200

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