December 2020 May Be Our True Return To Work Date!

People connecting via video conferencing

December 2020 – The Return To Wok Date

A new reality will begin to set in.

For some of us, we are not going to go back to our traditional offices probably till the end of the year but for the rest, return to work is here!


If you think about it – even if we can control the Curve – only some of us will be able to get back to our offices and travel even in the Summer. That is 90 more days. Its time to start planning for this.

The good news is we have all learned how to work from home and increase our productive use of Video, VOIP calls, email, document management and more. This can put us years ahead of the changes in the workplace as even the hardest to train on these applications now depend on them (you know who you are!)

The US workforce is also moving to nearly 100 percent Wi-Fi at home and probably even more at the office (when we finally go back). Why now? Well because the office needs to be a more flexible workspace given the Social Distancing changes. ISP Speeds need to increase bidirectional (data caps need to go for good) but have proven for the most part reliable (uptime of more than 98% plus has been a realistic home exception).

In March we setup our End User VPN’s and got those that need it new laptops and cameras.

So, what to do now?

Well I propose we need to embrace the change and return to identifying the important projects that are going to be significant for our return all the way into 2021.

  •  Expanded use of cloud services like office 365, VoIP and video.
  • Focusing on Security at home base systems for Corporate held data and plugging the weaknesses we had to live with in our current emergency status.
  • Monitoring and improving the Wi-Fi at home. Wi-Fi now has to be as good as or better than the office (we can’t have a helpdesk person come to someone’s system and fix it. All this must be Remote and simple to manage and identify.)


Secure Wi-Fi with eT Network Patrol with Mobile Eye

On the Wi-Fi front, Our Company has been touting the new Wi-Fi experience monitoring system ET Network Patrol with Mobile EYE. What is it? A set of tools and engineering services to identity where the Wi-Fi is working less optimally at an enterprise workforce home system and if needed (which it will be,) how to improve it. We can see the client experience and track it over time. Right now, we have a free 60 Day trial for up to 1000 users.

Building on that need we also have home Wi-Fi in a Box. A set of hardware and installation assistance to bring the home users network inside the Cloud of Corporate computing. Get your workforce on a dedicated Wi-Fi system at home and away from the Netflix, YouTube and TikTok users.

Let us focus on this new reality and what is important.







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