Cleaning & Disinfecting AP’s

Different ports to a Wireless Access Point

Cleaning & Disinfecting Wi-Fi Access Points

We are all in the midst of Covid-19 outbreak with everyday cases increasing.
Many of you may be getting questions from healthcare customers about sanitizing or sterilizing Cisco APs that are being deployed to screening, triage or exposed clinical locations.

It is specific to Aironet and Catalyst APs, but should apply broadly to Meraki APs as well. This should also be fine for Aruba, Aerohive Ruckus and other manufactures but do a small test on a sample AP if you are unsure.

Some of you are also considering how to reconfigure your office and work space and what would be required.
Sanitizing and disinfecting WLAN equipments are necessary in this time.

This is to provide information to all users about disinfecting or sterilizing Wireless Enterprise Networking Access Point and to provide some guidelines as to what chemicals to use for this purpose.

Tips To Disinfect Cisco Aironet Access Points

Cisco Access Points both Aironet and Catalyst series may be disinfected using a product by Steris called Spor-Klenz.
While this chemical is designed to be safe to use on finished wood, sealed granite, glass and stainless steel, it appears to not damage electronic equipment provided the cloth is damp and the chemical does not get into the device.

Note: While these two products were evaluated, other disinfecting products may also, be used but care should be taken when applying these products using the suggestions provided.

Stay Safe.

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