Cisco Catalyst 9300-M: Preparing Your Network for the IoT Boom

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Access Point with Dashboard View

The exponential growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is transforming the way organizations operate, from enhancing employee productivity to delivering exceptional user experiences. As we embrace the era of Wi-Fi 6E and anticipate the arrival of Wi-Fi 7, it’s essential to assess the readiness of our network infrastructure for the surge in IoT devices. In this blog post, we explore the impact of IoT growth on networks and introduce Cisco’s Catalyst 9300-M switching portfolio as a solution to stay ahead of the challenges.

The IoT Surge in Cisco Catalyst 9300

With a projected 50% increase in IoT devices by 2027, organizations must proactively address the potential challenges arising from this data influx. Network congestion, sluggish response times, and cyber threats pose significant risks to both the network and the performance of IoT devices. It’s crucial for businesses to evaluate the preparedness of their network infrastructure to accommodate the impending IoT growth.

Secure Backbone: Catalyst 9300-M Switches

Recognizing the critical need for a secure backbone to support IoT investments, Cisco has expanded its Catalyst 9300-M switching portfolio. The introduction of 15 new models caters to diverse use cases, offering a flexible and secure end-to-end network at scale. These switches empower organizations to manage their networks with confidence and ease. Key features include:

  1. Secure Networking Across Sites: Adaptive Policy extension across all new platforms with up to 1T physical stacking capability.
  2. Smart, Sustainable Spaces: 90W Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE+), 1,900W power supply option, and StackPower for efficient power management.
  3. Digital Experiences and Assurance: High-density mGig and fibre options, along with 25G/100G uplinks for seamless connectivity.

Backbone of Decentralized Spaces: UPOE+ Capability

As corporate landscapes shift towards decentralized offices and hybrid work models, the Catalyst 9300X-M 90W UPOE+ switches play a pivotal role. These powerhouses connect power-hungry PoE devices, such as smart lighting systems and conferencing systems, ensuring smooth operations and optimal user experiences. With centralized management on the Meraki dashboard, distributed locations can be monitored with enhanced visibility and control, simplifying operations and reducing deployment costs.

Streamlined Security with Adaptive Policy In Cisco Catalyst 9300

Traditional VLAN-based security policies often introduce complexity and skill gaps for IT and security teams. Cisco’s Adaptive Policy takes a dynamic approach to secure access by segmenting the network based on user identity and context. This not only reduces security operation efforts but also enhances security by automatically applying appropriate policies to users and devices. The result is a secure network where authorized users can access resources seamlessly, while unauthorized devices are kept at bay.

Agile, Flexible Platform for Simplified Operations

In the evolving landscape of distributed IT, Cisco Meraki provides a centralized management experience, streamlining network operations. From wired and wireless to security and IoT, the comprehensive Meraki approach enables secure network management at scale without a steep learning curve. Real-time application visibility and rich telemetry empower network teams with proactive insights to optimize performance.

Resilient, Secure Networks Start Here With Cisco Catalyst 9300

As organizations brace for the IoT boom, the Catalyst 9300-M switching portfolio, coupled with the scalable Adaptive Policy, emerges as a robust solution. This combination equips businesses to navigate the increasing demands on their networks, ensuring a secure and efficient environment. For more details, explore our page or connect with our sales team to future-proof your network for the IoT era.

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