An Impressive Array Of Hardware Announcements Are Expected Over The Next Few Weeks.

Wireless Access Point

A Deluge Of New Hardware Is Incoming – Rejoice!

I saw this one on the new high-end Chromebook as an example. A Chromebook at over $1,200.00 is excessive but its applications could be interesting. Chrome, when it is done well does not have the overhead of the operating system etc. This can lead to more dedicated capability for high-end graphics delivery (perhaps medical imaging or search and rescue, satellite image matching).

Then this one hits this week. Nice concept of a laptop with a phone cradled inside. I would like to see the devices “married” closely so that they sync with the phone and the laptop seamlessly, perhaps where the laptop can share the data. I have a 64 Gb phone and know that if I could get it to 500 Gb, I would put more music and videos on it.

Today we will see Apple giving us their year’s roadmap. Hopefully with not too many “we are going to do this in 4 months’ time” as they often do. I prefer when manufactures release products after their announcements within a few weeks. I understand that they sometimes have to gauge demand first but often we are seeing products take months to get to market. I do enjoy Kickstarter projects and have sometimes purchased months ahead of the launch, but that is different. With Kickstarter projects, I am also making a statement that the design and Company are worth developing, often potential game changers.

Here are two examples:

One Coin for All of Your Cards

Coin is really a US-only product idea at this point since Europe and other countries have the “Chip and pin” built into each card. This is an interesting wearable monitored T-shirt it is designed to be a “full sensor” shirt so the fabric tells the system what you are doing, heart, breathing, etc. Watch the video it’s cool.

OMsignal Biometric Smartwear

Let’s see what more comes out over the next few weeks. Please feel free to share your game-changing products and why deem them as such.

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