Active Wireless Site Survey Demystified

Site Survey Analysis

Active Wi-Fi Site Survey Demystified

In today’s world we have many different types of Wi-Fi Site Survey. Active Wireless Survey or Active Passive Wireless Site Survey is a type of survey where the engineers use Test Equipment similar to the Actual Access Points to be deployed. It is best used in greenfield (no Wi-Fi installed yet) or full network replacement designs.

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Importance Of Active Wireess Site Survey

eTribeca understands the importance and the challenges that industries face while deploying Wireless Networks. A Wireless Site Survey is of utmost importance while setting up your Wireless Network. Proper implementation of a Wireless Site Survey requires a strong understating of Radio Frequencies specific to a site location and this is where our Level III Network Engineers come in.

An Active Wi-Fi Survey is the most accurate among all the different site surveys possible. An Active Wi-Fi Site Survey is conducted to measure the real world performance parameters of your Wireless LAN. This is especially important for enterprises to measure if the Service Level Agreement for their WLAN is met.

A heat map representing the Signal Strength in a Wireless Site Survey.

How Is It Done

In an Active Wi-Fi Survey, the surveying device is connected to the Wi-Fi network to measure the signal performance. Connection to the network happens via the Access Points in the network. With industry leading Ekahau tools and APs (Access Points), eTribeca sets up mini Wireless Networks throughout the facility. We then capture topological aspects unique to your space. This can also be used for effective RLTS (Real Time Location Tracking Services) in environments such as a hospital.

The eTribeca Way

Want to validate your existing Wi-Fi network? Our Active Wi-Fi Site Survey enables this by the onsite measurement of your Radio Traffic that assists in validating, tuning and troubleshooting.

During an Active Wi-Fi Survey we shall be focussing on a set of signals that helps understand the help us measure the behaviour of every Access Point in the network. These measurements include:

  • Signal Strength
  • Round Trip Time
  • Throughput
  • Packet Delay
  • Retransmission Rate

Active Wireless Site Survey Offering

Our cutting-edge Active Wi-Fi Survey implementation would help enterprises improve their Wireless Service in the following ways:

  • Class-leading diagnostics to measure the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and SNR (Signal To Noise Ratio).
  • A detailed walkthrough your enterprise to understand the signal strength in the Wireless Environment.
  • Site survey improves the overall security protocol adherence of IT and IOT devices.
    Our site survey can massively cut down installation costs and ensure a seamless Wi-Fi experience.

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